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Ghost in the Shell PSA - Watch it!

Even before Ghost in the Shell came out, its 'whitewashing' casting controversy had already precluded its reputability as a film. Well, since its release, things haven't been much brighter from both a commercial and critical standpoint. Personally, I've yet to see the movie but will try my best to walk in with an open mind. Although word of mouth seems to indicate that my eventual response to the film will be a muted one, it's only right to at least give it a fair chance.

That said, the issue of whitewashing and misrepresentation in the media is certainly getting more attention these days, and for good reason. There's a cultural impact here that shouldn't be understated, and if you haven't seen the Ghost in the Shell PSA video, please check it out! The creators behind this loud statement against a practice in Hollywood that I'm sure will one day stop, speaks louder than the dozen of rants you've been reading online. Jes Tom and Chewy May were both nice enough to speak to me about the issue of whitewashing in the media. Click here to read the full interview, and check out the video below!

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