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About the Site

throwdown815 is a Toronto-based cinema website that was created by Wilson Kwong in October 2016. The website primary focuses on Asian and Hollywood cinema, with a sub-focus on film-related issues in Toronto. The site was created and currently operated by Wilson Kwong (see below).

'theoretical' depiction of site owner

Wilson Kwong

Wilson is a cinema enthusiast based in Toronto. He has no official affiliation with any film-related organizations, and simply writes unsolicited personal thoughts on a variety of topics in cinema. Although he has a longstanding penchant for Hong Kong cinema, he considers himself to be an advocate for Asian cinema in general. He has been attending the Toronto International Film Festival every year since 2005.

His writing has been featured in VCinema, and he has been a guest on the podcast East Screen  West Screen.

He can be reached at and followed on Twitter @throwdown815.

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