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The Bloody Mary Film Festival Interview / International Women's Day

So I'm starting something new where I interview festival programmers outside of the 12-month film festival tour. And to kick things off, click here for an interview with Laura Di Girolamo and Krista Dzialoszynski from The Bloody Mary Film Festival. If you were one of the unlucky ones who didn't hear about this festival until after its inaugural run back in November 2016 (like myself), this is definitely something you'll wanna check out in 2017. This is Toronto's very first film festival that puts a spotlight on genre films made by female filmmakers. I was kicking myself when I found out about it a month after its run, but Laura and Krista were nice enough to speak with me about the festival and how they put it together. And what better way to publish this than on International Women's Day!

And just in case you read through that first paragraph too quickly, here's the link to the interview!

Be sure to check out the festival's website here, and here's a sampling of their 2016 program:

Grace - Directed by Karen Nielsen (2015) Recipe - Directed by Olivia Saperstien (2016) Ellie - Directed by Morgana McKenzie (2016) The Last Bastard - Directed by Ashley Gale Fester (2015) El Gigante - Directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero (2014) Domestic Blood - Directed by Alexis Korotash (2014) Suite Spot - Directed by Alex Cananzi (2014) Do You See What I See? - Directed by Serena Whitney, Justin McConnell (2016)

88 - Directed by April Mullen (2015)

Ink - Directed by Ashlea Wessel (2016) Static - Directed by Tanya Lemke (2016) Morgue Story - Directed by Rina Hassan (2014) Nightcall - Directed by Nicole Holland (2016) B Positive - Directed by Kate Taeuschel, Veronica Hampson (2015) Seiren - Directed by Kat Threlkeld (2015) The Makeover - Directed by Dara Jade Moates (2014) Indigo - Directed by Jody Wilson (2015)

Silent Retreat - Directed by Tricia Lee (2013)

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