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One Nite in Mongkok (2004)
Derek Yee, Hong Kong

2004 was a great year for Hong Kong cinema. We got heavy hitters like the long-awaited Kung Fu Hustle, the much longer-awaited 2046, and even got a sequel to the Police Story franchise 8 years after the last iteration. But one movie that probably deserved more credit than it got was Derek Yee's One Nite in Mongkok. A neo noir set in one of the busiest districts in the world (second to Tokyo, I think?), the movie explores some dark themes in a very dramatic way, which completely oversteps the crime/thriller genre it was marketed under. And for anyone who doesn't take Daniel Wu or Cecilia Cheung seriously as actors, watching this movie will hopefully change your mind. While I'm at it, I'lll also get you to watch That Demon Within (Wu) and Lost in Time (Cheung). These two can definitely act when given the right material. It's a shame that Yee has focused his efforts on larger-scale crowd pleasers in recent years, because he should really get back to making movies like this.

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