In a World... (2013)
Lake Bell, USA

Watching In a World... was what I would describe as a pleasant surprise. I walked in expecting a light comedy with serious undertones, but left knowing that I had just watched one of the funniest and most genuine movies of the year (circa 2013). And not to be demeaning about Luke Bell's capabilities as a director, or anyone else involved in the movie, I simply didn't know enough about the movie to have any well-formed expectations. Based on the poster and trailer, it felt like an off-beat comedy that was very fitting of a Sundance selection, and those are movies I normally enjoy. In a World... fit into that category, except it was so much better. Lake Bell's depiction of adult awkwardness and the ridiculous intricacies of the trailer voice-over industry was so spot on that you just can't help but fall in love with the movie. The movie's about a bunch of characters that feel oddly out of place, 'in a world' that's equally as out of place, yet it's so easy to relate to and connect with the story. It's been a bit of a hiatus since this very strong directorial debut, but Lake Bell's next feature film comes out in 2017, and I'm confident it's gonna be just as good.

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