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Compliance (2012)
Craig Zobel, USA

Compliance is one of those movies that are so hard to watch, not because of gore and violence, but because it taps into some very uncomfortable and dark territory rooted in real life events. What makes movies like these different from watching the same events presented on the news is that you're not just asking how someone could do something like this, you're actually experiencing what it feels like to be these people. With Compliance, you get to be in the emotional shoes of the victim, the assailants, and even the bystanders. Prior to watching this, I only knew Dreama Walker from Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, so this role was a huge step up for her in my books. The rest of the cast is also amazing, with proof being that you learn to hate most of them pretty quickly. This sense of hate and disappointment in what humans are capable of doing permeates throughout the entire film, which makes for both a very difficult and engaging viewing experience. I remember being extremely frustrated during this screening, and constantly wanted to just walk out. But of course, that compulsion to stay put and see what happens next pulls you back in. It was a strange feeling that was fitting for such a disturbing and strange movie.

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